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[igraph] igraph, visual studio c++ and libxml2

From: Francois Bastardie
Subject: [igraph] igraph, visual studio c++ and libxml2
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 11:37:06 +0100



My objective is to let the graphml.c example work using Microsoft visual studio C++ 2010.


At this stage I only got back 77 for the return value coming from the line

if (result == IGRAPH_UNIMPLEMENTED) return 77;


So I guess I did something wrong when installing or linking to libxml2 because:

int igraph_read_graph_graphml(igraph_t *graph, FILE *instream,

                             int index) {


#if HAVE_LIBXML == 1

  xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt;


  return 0;


  IGRAPH_ERROR("GraphML support is disabled", IGRAPH_UNIMPLEMENTED);





I know this is not a mailing list about visual studio but you also provide this igraph version on sourceforge to run with, so it could be interesting to document this aspect.  So, does anybody has got some clues to make this example working (I mean the graphml in general) using visual studio 2010, igraph-0.5.5-msvc.zip I found on sourceforge and libxml2-2.7.7.win32 (binaries) I found here: http://xmlsoft.org/sources/win32/?


What I did is to set the PATH in msvc to C:\libxml2-2.7.7.win32\bin so that the compiler would be able to find the libxml2.dll when needed, and I also refer to the header files C:\igraph-0.5.5-msvc\winclude\libxml because actually I have the header files already included in igraph-0.5.5-msvc (this confuses me) ,  but this is obviously the wrong way or not enough...





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