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[igraph] igraph, R 2.12 and CRAN

From: jeremy.raw
Subject: [igraph] igraph, R 2.12 and CRAN
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:40:48 -0500

I finally got around to updating to R 2.12.0 and found that igraph is not presently available for Windows on CRAN due to build errors (16 December 2010).  Notwithstanding the README attached to the failed build, there is apparently no pre-built igraph package available for R 2.12.0 on Windows.


The errors are apparently related to the new Windows multi-architecture packaging (64-bit Windows and 32-bit Windows are now packaged together, whereas previously separate packages were constructed for 32-bit and 64-bit).


The following steps (which I’m posting in case anyone else has this trouble) appear to work around the problem successfully for 32-bit Windows systems:


1.       Get igraph_0.5.5.zip from CRAN for R 2.11.1 (/bin/windows/contrib/2.11)

2.       Install from the local zip file into R 2.12.0 (or just give up and use R 2.11.1 J)

3.       Once installed, find the “libs” folder within the igraph package (by default: $R_HOME/library/igraph/libs)

4.       Create a subfolder of “libs” called “i386” (yielding $R_HOME/library/igraph/libs/i386)

5.       Move (or copy) all the .dlls from “libs” down into “i386”


At that point, you will be able to load igraph into R 2.12.0 and it does seem to work just fine (at least with the limited testing I’ve done with my projects that use igraph).


I hope that will save someone else the half-hour of head scratching I did!


Jeremy Raw, P.E., AICP

FHWA Office of Planning


(202) 366-0986


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