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[igraph] Simple Question Loading data

From: Sadz A
Subject: [igraph] Simple Question Loading data
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 17:35:44 +0000 (GMT)


I have a graph (map in ArcGIS) that I have simplified and turned into network CSV files using a pre-built program (SANET), I want to read this into R using igraph. I condensed the link list into a .txt file of two columns (of points that are connected) and tried to read this into R with the code 

> read.graph("point.list.txt", format="edgelist")

but got an error:
>Error in read.graph.edgelist(file, ...) : 
 >At foreign.c:100 : parsing edgelist file failed, Parse error

How do I load graphs into R? and why is this not working?

I have looked at the i graph tutorial but cant work it out. 

Thank you for reading my question, all help is appreciated,

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