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Re: [igraph] new user question

From: robert schaefer
Subject: Re: [igraph] new user question
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 15:05:53 -0500

thank you all!

On Jan 25, 2011, at 2:49 PM, Tamás Nepusz wrote:

>> Taking the statechart and from this generating nodes and vertices for igraph 
>> and
>> then exciting/changing the igraph to visually match the changing status of 
>> the 
>> statechart as the statechart executes?
>> Would this be a proper use for igraph?
> igraph is not meant to be a visualisation framework; true, the Python and R 
> interfaces can plot graphs, but these are primarily designed for saving 
> publication-quality plots into PDF/PNG/SVG files and not for interactive 
> visualisation on the screen. Basically, you would have to re-draw the graph 
> every time something changes on the graph.
> I know about someone who managed to embed igraph graphs successfully in a Gtk 
> widget in Python (on Linux) to visualise graphs without saving them to an 
> external file, so you may want to experiment with that if you are familiar 
> with Python and Gtk:
> http://www.bayesfor.eu/wiki/en/user/matteo_zandi/dev/igraph-pygtk
> -- 
> Tamas
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