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[igraph] A problem with exporting to pajek format

From: Przemek Grabowicz
Subject: [igraph] A problem with exporting to pajek format
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 11:50:40 +0100
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 Dear all,

I am trying to export my network to Pajek format inside of R with igraph_nightly_0.6-2288-20110202.

Edges and vertices in my network have attributes. The manual says, that the attributes will get printed, however it does not happen to me. Here is a code to try:

g=graph.data.frame( data.frame(id1=1:9,id2=sample(1:9,9,replace=T),a=1,b=2), vertices=data.frame(id=1:9,a=5) )
write.graph(g, file="glpajek.txt", format="pajek" )

And it produces this output in my case:

*Vertices 9
1 6
2 1
3 9
4 3
5 4
6 2
7 2
8 8
9 4

Is there something what I'm doing wrong? I think it happened to me also with a bit older nightly version of igraph: igraph_nightly_0.6-1899-20100505.


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