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Re: Re: [igraph] degree distribution for bipartite network

From: Horváth Árpád
Subject: Re: Re: [igraph] degree distribution for bipartite network
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 18:24:58 +0100
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 Dear Simone,

 Tamas Nepusz írta (Dátum: 2011. Feb. 03.)
> Python does not have built-in classes for histograms/distributions,
> unlike R, so you have to do this manually or create a helper function.
> Matplotlib can then be used for plotting.

I wrote a module to deals with degree distributions:
Its description is here:

It creates the distribution of an igraph (or networkx) graph and
- calculate of the exponent of a power law distribution
- plots cumulative and plain distribution
It uses pylab (in the pylab-matplotlib package in debian and ubuntu)


Horvath  Arpad  <address@hidden>
Honlap: http://www.arek.uni-obuda.hu/harp
Munkahely: Óbudai Egyetem, AREK
Munkahelyi tel: 22/316-260  125-as mellék

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