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[igraph] correlation node degree and size 2nd order neighborhood [Was: R

From: jordi torrents
Subject: [igraph] correlation node degree and size 2nd order neighborhood [Was: Re: clustering coefficients for bipartite networks]
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:50:58 +0100

Hi Simone,

2011/2/26 Simone Gabbriellini <address@hidden>:
> BTW, Jordi: there are other measures in Latapy... I have code for users' deg 
> and degree of nei, but since my code proved to be slow... :)
> Do you have code also for, let's say, code for the correlation between users' 
> deg with 2-dist-nei?

Find attached code to compute and to plot the correlation between node
degree and size of the 2nd order neighborhood in bipartite networks as
proposed in Latapy et al (2008), along with the plot for bottom and
top nodes for arXiv coauthor network [1] (Fig 4 in the paper). It
seems that this implementation yields the same results that the ones
reported in the paper, but more testing would be nice.

As far as I know, there is no implementation of random configuration
model for bipartite network in igraph, thus the plot lacks the
comparison with random networks. Networkx has a python implementation
of bipartite random configuration model [2]. That would be a nice
addition to igraph.



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