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[igraph] documentation build fail at revision 2412

From: Minh Nguyen
Subject: [igraph] documentation build fail at revision 2412
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 16:10:11 +1100

Hi folks,

I upgraded to trunk (revision 2412); the updated source built fine.
But building the documentation via the script release.sh resulted in
the following error:

typedef stru...
../doc/doxrox.py -c -t adjlist.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o
adjlist.xml ../src/adjlist.c ../include/igraph_adjlist.h
Chunk without a name
../doc/doxrox.py -t arpack.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o arpack.xml
../include/igraph_arpack.h ../src/arpack.c ../include/igraph_blas.h
../src/blas.c ../include/igraph_lapack.h ../src/lapack.c
../doc/doxrox.py -t bipartite.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o
bipartite.xml ../src/bipartite.c
../doc/doxrox.py -t visitors.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o
visitors.xml ../src/visitors.c  ../include/igraph_visitor.h
../doc/doxrox.py -t random.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o random.xml
Chunk without a name
 * ...
../doc/doxrox.py -t separators.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o
separators.xml ../src/separators.c \
../doc/doxrox.py -t memory.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o memory.xml
../doc/doxrox.py -t sparsemat.xxml -e ../doc/c-docbook.re -o
sparsemat.xml ../src/sparsemat.c
make: *** No rule to make target `hrg.xxml', needed by `hrg.xml'.  Stop.

Minh Van Nguyen

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