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[igraph] proposal for another "game" (random network generator)

From: Samuel Thiriot
Subject: [igraph] proposal for another "game" (random network generator)
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 14:40:23 +0200
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Dear all,

I'm using the igraph library since years, and enjoy its architecture, efficiency and so on. I recently wrote another random network generator in igraph, and wonder if it may of use to add it to the igraph library or not.

I recently needed a simple random network generator for benchmarking and simulation purposes - that is, generate small-world graphs structured as communities, having a Poisson-law-like distribution of degree, and enabling the tuning of clustering rate, density and average path length. As a consequence, I encoded a simple random generator which creates N "islands" of size M, each island being an ER graph, with P interconnections between each pair of islands.

I already wrote it in C into the igraph library, and added the mapping for R. I've no problem at all with it, but just wonder whether it may be of use for someone or not; in the first case, what is the process for contributing to igraph ? (I don't care about licensing nor having my name anywhere, actually).

Tks for this great package !


Samuel Thiriot
Post-doc, INRIA (TAO Team)
(+0033/0) 6 18 07 59 30

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