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[igraph] an ad-hoc edge property similar to weight

From: heroxbd
Subject: [igraph] an ad-hoc edge property similar to weight
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 19:22:47 +0900
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Dear Guys and Girls,

I am using igraph (via python) for several months for graph
clustering. It really rocks!

I have a tree with weighted-edges, and want to calculate weight times
the smaller number of vertices of the two components if the edge is

| def sep(graph, e):
|     h = copy(graph)
|     w = h.es[e]['weight']
|     h.delete_edges(e)
|     return w * min(h.components().sizes())
| # 'graph' is the tree I am dealing with
| ss = [sep(graph,x) for x in range(len(graph.es))]

My questiones are:

1. Is this a known (and named) property in graph theory? If so, what is

2. My piece of code is very inefficient if I calculate this for all the
edges, as shown above. If the graph becomes 50000 edges and vertices,
memory consumption becomes huge. Do you have some suggestions for

XU Benda
Research Center for Neutrino Science
Tohoku University


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