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Re: [igraph] add vertex label shortest path

From: joe j
Subject: Re: [igraph] add vertex label shortest path
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 10:21:21 +0200

OK. I seem to have found a solution, but any improvement (or if you
find something wrong with the steps) is welcome :)

I created an adjacency matrix using the same graph-in this case column
and row names are node names, which is great. Then I replaced column
names and row names in my shortest path matrix, after converting both
matrices into 'diad' formw with three columns. So the steps are:

> y_s<-shortest.paths(y,  weights = NULL)
> y_s <- melt(y_s)[melt(upper.tri(y_s))$value,]

>a <- get.adjacency(y)
>a <- melt(a)[melt(upper.tri(a))$value,]

#replace column names in shortest path with column names in the adjacency matrix


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