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[igraph] Python 2.7 + igraph

From: Robinson
Subject: [igraph] Python 2.7 + igraph
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 10:21:16 -0600

Has anyone had any luck getting igraph to load under Python 2.7?  [I have seen 
the previous python 2.7 thread.] 

I haven't been able to successfully compile a new module using %sudo 
easy_install python-igraph so I've been using R for most of my grunt work.

However, I understand that Lion has python 2.7 pre-installed so I'm getting a 
little more anxious to get igraph working under OS X. 

Has anyone had any success with an igraph build for python 2.7 under  OS X 10.6 
or 10.7?


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