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[igraph] Generating a clustered graph

From: Víctor Pascual Cid
Subject: [igraph] Generating a clustered graph
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 10:32:21 +0200

Hi all,

I've recently come up with this very nice post that shows how to cluster a network using iGraph in R: http://www.babelgraph.org/wp/?p=1
The proposed script uses the Girvan Newman algorithm, and looks like this:

gnc <- edge.betweenness.community(g, directed=FALSE)
m <- vector()
for (s in 0:nrow(gnc$merges) ) {
        memb <- community.to.membership(g,gnc$merge,steps=s)$membership
m <- c(m,modularity (g, memb, weights=NULL))
ideal_steps <- which(m==max(m)) - 1
gn.groups <- community.to.membership(g,gnc$merge, steps=ideal_steps)$membership

My question is, now that I have an Array (gn.groups) containing the cluster to which each node in the graph belongs to, how can I create a new graph that represents my clustered network? Does iGraph provide any method to do this?



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