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Re: [igraph] Questions about decompose.graph?

From: Zhijiang Wang
Subject: Re: [igraph] Questions about decompose.graph?
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:39:09 +0800
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Dear Tamas,

Thanks for your so clear answer.
For the 2nd question, maybe there are two points:
one is the overlapping com. agrithm, the other is the drawing methods or functions.
In fact, I am eager to know how to draw like that, that is, setting a background color for each area of component.

于 2011-10-5 17:40, Tamas Nepusz 写道:

When I call decompose.graph, which can seperate a graph into components, I
have two questions:

1. What's the seperation rules? Or what measure is used in a graph
decompose.graph simply returns the weakly or strongly connected components
of a graph; i.e., if vertex A is reachable from vertex B and vice versa,
then A and B will be in the same component.

2. Please see the following graph drawing, each component is drawn in a
color as the backgrounds. Who can tell me how can do this?
igraph includes several non-overlapping community detection functions that
can decompose graphs into the modules you show on the picture. Take a look
at these help pages in R:


However, the figure you showed contains *overlapping* communities, and none
of the above functions actually gives you overlapping ones. If you need an
overlapping community detection method, it only takes a few lines of code to
implement it:


Best wishes,
Zhijiang Wang
PhD Candidate
Room 407, East Segment, Material Science Building,
The International WIC Institute,
Brain Informatics,
College of Computer Science and Technology,
Beijing University of Technology,
Beijing, China.

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