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[igraph] Attaching attributes to networks

From: Carlos Eduardo
Subject: [igraph] Attaching attributes to networks
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 13:36:39 -0300



I have three different situations related to attach attributes to network (regarding vertexes and graph attributes). The first situation I am handling good and it is just an example to explain my doubts on the others.


Situation 1: Measures that outputs are related to all nodes (e.g. “constraint”). This way worked good: V(g)$constraint <- constraint(g)


Situation 2: Measures that outputs aren’t related to all nodes (e.g. “articulation.points”). I tried to do the same illustrated in situation 1:   V(g)$articulation <- articulation.points(g). The problem is that the attributes aren’t being attached to the exact vertexes. Is there any specific syntax to deal with this kind of attribute attaching?


Situation 3: Measures related to graph attributes (e.g. “graph.density”). I tried (g)<-graph.density(g), but it didn’t work. What is the syntax to attach a graph attribute?


Thanks in advance,


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