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Re: [igraph] How to make two 3D images at the same coordinate in a rgl d

From: Zhijiang Wang
Subject: Re: [igraph] How to make two 3D images at the same coordinate in a rgl device?
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 00:33:23 +0800
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Hi Gabor,

Thanks for your answeres.

Setting rescale = F, that I tried, but the attributes of edge width and vertex size disappear in 3D network visulazation.
I am not sure where the problem is. So I'd like to choose another way that is seting rescale = T, then transform the 2nd img coordinate like the 1st.
Even I want to make the 1st coordinate as a normal one for the following plotting.

The problem is the normalization of coordinate in drawScene.rgl seems not work, whenever I set scale by T or F or a vector.

于 2011-10-21 23:53, Gábor Csárdi 写道:
2011/10/21 Zhijiang Wang <address@hidden>:
Dear all members,

I want to visualize two 3D images at the same coordinate in a rgl device.
1st 3D plot:
            I use rglplot, the coordinate is [-1,1]X[-1,1]X[-1,1]
Give rescale=FALSE to rglplot(), and then the coordinates will not be rescaled.


2nt 3D image:
            I use contour3d(...)
                  drawScene.rgl(...scale = c(181,217,181))

Now, the problem is the 1st plot is in (-1, 1), but the 2nd plot can not be
transformed into one like the 1st one.
The 2nt 3D image looks large than the 1st one.

Great thansk!

Best wishes,

Zhijiang Wang

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