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[igraph] Adjacency list format

From: Keith Callenberg
Subject: [igraph] Adjacency list format
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 20:59:20 -0500

Hello all,

I have several large (2-10GB) graphs in the following format:

source1 target1 target2
source2 target3
source3 target4 target5 target6

This is the "Adjacency list" format as specified by networkx

I would like to load these graphs with igraph, is there any way to do
this without conversion?

The unofficial python tutorial page has listed LGL as "aka Adjacency
list" but this is not the same notion of adjacency list as networkx's.
It would be great if someone would put simple examples of all of the
igraph supported file formats on one of the websites. None of the
resources I found (e.g. python tutorial, read() method documentation)
had a complete list of examples, only descriptions.


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