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[igraph] igraph network coordinates with constraints?

From: James T Metz
Subject: [igraph] igraph network coordinates with constraints?
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 11:07:42 -0600

Igraph Users,

        Is it possible to use the R igraph code and generate a network where some of the coordinates
of nodes are constrained and other nodes are unconstrained?

        For example, I have a set of 10 objects with distance (or similarity) information for those
objects.  I generate a network and coordinates for those 10 objects.  I now have a new object.  I can
re-calculate a new distance (similarity) matrix for all 11 objects.

        However, if possible, I would like to preserve the original network and coordinates of the
previous 10 objects, and I want to add the 11th object onto the previous network in the most optimal
position for that 11th object only.

        Is this possible? If so, can someone provide some R code as a simple example.

        Also, since the network generation is stochastic, again it is important the the original
network be generated with the same coordinates each time (if possible).

        Thank you.

        Jim Metz

James T. Metz, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist III Chemistry

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Abbott Laboratories
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Abbott Park, IL  60064 - 6100

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