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Re: [igraph] Vertex colors in tkplot

From: Chacko, George (NIH/CSR) [E]
Subject: Re: [igraph] Vertex colors in tkplot
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:47:06 -0500



I am trying to assign vertex colors from a lookup table when visualizing graph.adjacency output in tkplot. This works using plot which is unfortunately not interactive.


Ø  plot(g1, vertex.label=row.names(df1),vertex.color=(IRG_ColorList[,2]),layout=layout.fruchterman.reingold)


but not with tkplot


Ø  tkplot(g1, vertex.label=row.names(df1),vertex.color=(IRG_ColorList[,2])


Error in structure(.External("dotTclObjv", objv, PACKAGE = "tcltk"), class = "tclObj") :

  [tcl] unknown color name "1".


Is this a known problem for which there is a workaround? I’d be grateful for any help. Thanks George Chacko

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