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Re: [igraph] Question on subgraph and subset

From: Peter Flom
Subject: Re: [igraph] Question on subgraph and subset
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 14:47:12 -0400

Hi again

I tried to make up a toy example, but 30 minutes of trying failed to
reproduce anything useful

However, in this code:

> Code:
> vs <- subcomponent1
> component <- subgraph(g50, vs)
> traitscomponent <- subset(traits50, traits$Position %in% vs)
> After which traitscomponent has 37879 rows while vs has length 37880.

Subcomponent1 is the first column of a subcomponent of g50.  It is a vector
of 37880 integers
g50 is a graph with 42,943 rows. The vertices have attributes including
"position" as the first. 
Traits50 is a data frame with 42,943 rows and 10 columns. The first column
is "Position".

Does that provide enough context?


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