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Re: [igraph] weighted edge.betweenness.community

From: R N
Subject: Re: [igraph] weighted edge.betweenness.community
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:37:53 +0300

> Dear all,

 > After installing the nightly snapshot
 > (igraph.googlecode.com/files/igraph_nightly_0.6-2651-20120316.tar.gz),
 > I saw that the edge.betweenness function uses weights. Furthermore,
 > the function has the option of considering directed or undirected
 > graphs. It is PERFECT! Thanks, guys! And congrats!

 > All the best,

 > Charles

Sorry for disturbing again, but I looked in the sources (the file
igraph-0.6/src/community.c) and
couldn't find any mention of edge weights in the functions related to
edge betwenness; moreover,
in calling 'igraph_modularity', it explicitly passes 0 instead of the
weights vector. Did I overlook something?
Can edge_betweenness actually use edge weights?

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