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[igraph] Odd error message

From: Peter Flom
Subject: [igraph] Odd error message
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 12:10:31 -0400

Hello again


When I run the following code


DVg <- graph.empty()

DVg <- add.vertices(DVg, nrow(DVtraits),


                     title=as.character(DVtraits[,2]), author = as.character(DVtraits[,3]),

                                                             publisher = as.character(DVtraits[,4]), salesrank = as.character(DVtraits[,6]),

                                                            category = as.character(DVtraits[,5]))


names <- V(DVg)$ISBN

ids <- 1:length(names)-1

names(ids) <- names


from <- as.character(DVlinks[,1])

to <- as.character(DVlinks[,2])


edges <- matrix(c(ids[from], ids[to]), nc=2)

DVg <- add.edges(DVg, t(edges))                  



I get (after running the last line) an error:




1: .Call("R_igraph_add_edges", graph, as.numeric(edges), PACKAGE = "igraph")

2: add.edges(DVg, t(edges))

Error in add.edges(DVg, t(edges)) :

  caught access violation - continue with care


Last time this happened, it turned out to be that there were some NA in the from and to, but there are not this time.


I am not sure how to create a toy example…. Or what else would be helpful here.


Thanks (and if someone wants me to send the data, I can send it)




Peter Flom

Peter Flom Consulting




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