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Re: [igraph] Odd error message

From: Peter Flom
Subject: Re: [igraph] Odd error message
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:49:12 -0400

OK a bit more information and additional problems


The links in the file were 13 digit numbers (they are ISBNs).  Excel (which is how the data were stored) converts these to scientific notation. Even if I convert it to a number, when I store it as a .csv file, the scientific notation returns.


For ONE file, I got the weird error message below.  BUT EVEN WORSE, for other files, I got no errors, just wrong results (with wrong links and stuff).  The links seem to be coming from the oddly notated ISBNs.


I realize this is more of an R problem combined with Excel, and I will look on R resources, but it’s a real danger here, and I wanted to let people know. 



From: Peter Flom [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 12:11 PM
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: Odd error message


Hello again


When I run the following code


DVg <- graph.empty()

DVg <- add.vertices(DVg, nrow(DVtraits),


                     title=as.character(DVtraits[,2]), author = as.character(DVtraits[,3]),

                                                             publisher = as.character(DVtraits[,4]), salesrank = as.character(DVtraits[,6]),

                                                            category = as.character(DVtraits[,5]))


names <- V(DVg)$ISBN

ids <- 1:length(names)-1

names(ids) <- names


from <- as.character(DVlinks[,1])

to <- as.character(DVlinks[,2])


edges <- matrix(c(ids[from], ids[to]), nc=2)

DVg <- add.edges(DVg, t(edges))                  



I get (after running the last line) an error:




1: .Call("R_igraph_add_edges", graph, as.numeric(edges), PACKAGE = "igraph")

2: add.edges(DVg, t(edges))

Error in add.edges(DVg, t(edges)) :

  caught access violation - continue with care


Last time this happened, it turned out to be that there were some NA in the from and to, but there are not this time.


I am not sure how to create a toy example…. Or what else would be helpful here.


Thanks (and if someone wants me to send the data, I can send it)




Peter Flom

Peter Flom Consulting




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