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[igraph] Error message when loading a large network

From: Vincent Labatut
Subject: [igraph] Error message when loading a large network
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 16:34:56 +0200

I am working on a large network, containing about 30M nodes and 400M links. it takes the form of a 7GB edgelist file, in which nodes are numbered (and not represented by strings). 

I am trying to load this network from R v2.15.1 (64 bits) using igraph v0.5.5-4, on an ubuntu system. I am using the read.graph function. 

after a significant amount of time (which seems normal given the size of the file), I get the following error message:
Error in c(buffer, tmpbuffer) : resulting vector exceeds vector length limit in 'AnswerType'

I couldn't find anything about this specific message on the web. The physical memory is far from being full, so it's not due to a lack of memory.

does anybody have an idea of the cause of this problem, and possibly how to solve it?



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