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[igraph] invalid node ID after adding (and try to connect) the 999th nod

From: Elena Tea Russo
Subject: [igraph] invalid node ID after adding (and try to connect) the 999th node
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 16:58:36 +0200

Hi all,
I am working on a language network builded by adding up nodes (and the edges) with a C program reading a .txt file. (I am usin the C libraries).
I start with a 1 node graph, then I add a new node and connect it with the previous one – and so on, connecting nodes by considering the text as a co-occurrence written language newtork.

 Everything works with small texts; but with big texts, when I reach the 999th node i get an error: when the program try to connect this node to another (existing) one by building a new edge, it gives me back a "unvalid id node" error.

I tryied then to build a 10.000 nodes graph and just connect nodes following the same criteria, with the difference that now the nodes are pre-existing: nothing, the error on the 999th node edge's continue to appear.

Is it a limit of igraph? Or maybe there is something I am missing?

this are the parts of the programs which works on the graph:




igraph_real_t reale1, reale2, reale3;
igraph_integer_t old, now; old=0;
igraph_t grafo;

igraph_vector_t v1; igraph_vector_init(&v1, 2);
igraph_vector_t nowed, olded; igraph_vector_init(&olded, 2); igraph_vector_init(&nowed, 2);
igraph_strvector_t names; igraph_strvector_init(&names, 1); 


/*empty new graph*/

igraph_create(&grafo, &v1, 2,0);

/*build graph*/


if(checkmatch==1) {now=match; igraph_add_edge(&grafo,old,now);}

if(checkmatch==0) {


/*igraph_add_vertices(&grafo, 1, 0);*/
igraph_strvector_add(&names, " ");






SETVASV(&grafo, "id", &names);
igraph_write_graph_pajek(&grafo, output);



printf("n=%i , m(size)=%i, lastregword= %i \n", n,m,  lastregword);




return 0;

Thank you for reading me

Elena Tea RUSSO - address@hidden
– Italian mobile phone: +39 328 93 68 798
– Italian home phone : +39 040 568 777
– English mobile phone: +44 7511 240 652
– Alternative e-mail adress: address@hidden

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