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Re: [igraph] OS X installation - Mountain Lion day

From: Bernie Hogan
Subject: Re: [igraph] OS X installation - Mountain Lion day
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:13:32 +0100

Its Mountain Lion day!!!! 

It would be great if I can get a report back from anyone about the success of using iGraph on Mountain Lion. (preferably using a pre-built python package 0.6 from the website). 

Take care,

Dr Bernie Hogan
Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute
University of Oxford

On 24 Jul 2012, at 20:51, Tamás Nepusz wrote:

Thanks Tamas. I think I will go for this approach. But after I decompress the source, there is no 'configure' file within the directory. Below is the folder structure I am seeing:

This is the source code of the Python interface only; you will need to compile and install the C core library first. You can download that from http://igraph.sourceforge.net.


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