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[igraph] writing Pajek temporal networks

From: jimi adams
Subject: [igraph] writing Pajek temporal networks
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 16:06:22 -0400

I tried searching for this and coding it, but i'm still a little stumped by 
indexing of igraph objects. Is there a ready way to write out to a Pajek file 
in the format it's expecting for "temporal" networks (example file-structure 
below)? I have the time intervals as node and edge attributes and are ready to 
be output, but I'm not quite getting it right.


jimi adams
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
American University
e: address@hidden
w: jimiadams.com

Pajek expected file structure (brackets, [ ], are the "present" time intervals):

*Vertices 3
1 "a" [5-10,12-14]
2 "b" [1-3,7]
3 "e" [4-*]
1 2 1 [7]
1 3 1 [6-8]

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