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[igraph] Collapsing/Folding graph based on vertex attributes

From: S. M. Ali Abbas
Subject: [igraph] Collapsing/Folding graph based on vertex attributes
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 14:58:03 +0100
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Hi folks,
I have got a graph with this detail:

> summary(g)
IGRAPH UN-- 7690383 7839216 --
attr: Ethnic.Group(v/c), Geographical.Area (v/c), Religion (v/c), Major.Language (v/c)

I'd like to collapse/reduce my graph to a new graph, where the vertices are grouped together according to their Ethnic.Group attribute, for instance, and then visualize the edges between them. As an example, all vertices with a certain ethnicity, X, should be grouped together (the size of the new vertex should correspond to the number of vertices with X as their ethnicity), and the edge would also be weighted (the number of links between ethnicity X and Y).
For visualization of the whole graph, I used Gephi which supports grouping of vertices, but unfortunately my system can't handle such a big graph - of 1G size. I'd like to reduce the graph using igraph, and then export it to Gephi for visualization.



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