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[igraph] Problem with igraph read.graph in Mac

From: Martin J Reed
Subject: [igraph] Problem with igraph read.graph in Mac
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 00:29:37 +0100


I have a problem with graph read.graph() in a Mac (but the same code R and igraph version in Windows does work).

In a Mac I have:

Error in read.graph.graphml(file, ...) : 
  At rinterface.c:4962 : Cannot open GraphML file, File operation error

Under Windows it reads it in OK.

I am running Mac MountainLion, R 2.15.1, igraph 0.6.2

Tested on a sample graphml file  from


and it seems to happen for any graphml (or gml) file that I try.

Looking back through the list it seems there was a problem in the past with encoding so I converted to utf-8 but it does not help.

I am trying to avoid loading a debugger and hope that someone else has come across this… 

Martin Reed

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