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Re: [igraph] count neighbourhood (python)

From: Raphael Clifford
Subject: Re: [igraph] count neighbourhood (python)
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 17:07:38 +0100


> It simply does a breadth-first search form the starting vertex, and
> the igraph data structure ensures fast traversal of the graph.

Thanks. I suppose for order > 2 it might be worth using (sparse)
matrix multiplication, depending on the parameters involved..

>> [g2.subgraph(g2.neighborhood(v, order = 2)).ecount() for v in g.vs]
>> Is there a better/faster igraph way?
> I think this is probably the best way. At the C level there is a
> function that gives these graphs directly, but it does essentially the
> same as you are doing.
OK. Thanks.


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