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[igraph] vertex attribute assignment matching names

From: Bob Pap
Subject: [igraph] vertex attribute assignment matching names
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 12:23:24 +0200

Dear all,
I found no help in the relevant pages for assigning vertex attributed _making sure that names are properly matched.  Example, V(g)$name lists 50 cities in a non-alphabetical order, whereas I have a data.frame with 50 lines and a 'name' column in alphabetical order having as columns additional vertex attreibutes I would like to assign.
Simply doing V(g)$size <- my.data.frame$size does not (as far as I can read from the help pages) guarantee that cities are properly matched by name (V(g)$name and my.data.frame$name respectively).
How can I specify that names are correctly mapped? Any suggestion is appreciated.
Kind regards,

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