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[igraph] louvain Communit detection algorithm

From: Filipe Alberto
Subject: [igraph] louvain Communit detection algorithm
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:11:00 -0500

Hi igraphers,

I wonder if there is an implementation in igraph of the Louvain community detection algorithm?
 A colleague and I are comparing the same analysis in igraph (in R) and matlab, When comparing the results of our community memberships, produced by different algorithms, we get very different results for our largest networks (>4000 vertices). He gets higher number of communities using the Louvain than I get using the fast greedy algorithm available in igraph. His final modularity is also higher, so I am assuming that his memberships are more accurate than what I am getting, hence my question about the availability of the Louvain algorithm.

More about the Louvain in this link:



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