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[igraph] heterogeneous vertex sizes with layout.fruchterman.reingold

From: santiago gil
Subject: [igraph] heterogeneous vertex sizes with layout.fruchterman.reingold
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 20:00:04 -0400

Hello all,

I'm trying to plot a network where the vertices will have very different sizes. When I use layout.fruchterman.reingold() tightly connected groups clump up and the nodes overlap each other, so that when I plot the network with different vertex sizes some of the vertices completely cover all their neighbors. Playing around with parameter repulserad helps a bit, but it's still not even close to what it should look like. Does anybody know of a way of introducing in layout.fruchteman.reingold() an exclusion radius, and making it different for each vertex?

Thanks!!! Best wishes,


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