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Re: [igraph] adding weights after graph.union.by.name

From: Giorgos Bontzios
Subject: Re: [igraph] adding weights after graph.union.by.name
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 18:42:59 +0300

I am facing problems with `igraph_sparsemat() function.
I have tried any combinaton with the following includes but I get "undefined reference" error during building.
#include <igraph.h>
#include <igraph_sparsemat.h>
Below, I give you a minimal test example
igraph_t bic_g;
igraph_sparsemat_t *sparse_g;
igraph_sparsemat(&bic_g, sparse_g, IGRAPH_UNDIRECTED);
and trying to build I get
"undefined reference to `igraph_sparsemat(igraph_s*, igraph_sparsemat_t const*, int)'"

If a add any other function of the igraph library it compiles properly.
The weird thing is that if the arguments are changed, I get the message "too few arguments" (no undefined message any more)
which means that the compiler recognizes that function.
What goes wrong?
Thanks in advance

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