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[igraph] Sorting a graph or assigning attributes based on vertex names

From: Alan Labouseur
Subject: [igraph] Sorting a graph or assigning attributes based on vertex names
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:45:14 -0400

Hi. I'm trying to assign a "bucket" attribute (from a vector of buckets) to 
each vertex based on the position of the vertex degree when sorted. My initial 
approach seems to work nicely up to the point of setting all of the vertex 
attributes in the graph. After replicating the bucket vector so that it's long 
enough to cover all of the vertices in g, I preserve g's vertex IDs in the 
"name" attribute. Then I sort the vertices based on their degree. Then I take 
only the "names" portion of the sorted vector which represents the vertex IDs 
in the order I want to match them up to the buckets vector (bv). But from that 
point it's horribly slow because of that for loop and constantly reassigning 
the entire graph (g) after each set.vertex.attribute. I bet there's a better 
way. I appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks. Here's the code:

foo <- function(g, buckets) {
   # REPlicate buckets so that it's long enough to cover all the vertices in g.
   bv <- rep(buckets, (vcount(g) %/% length(buckets))+1)
   # Label each vertex with its current id. 
   V(g)$name <- V(g)                                              # 
   # Sort on degree.
   sortedDegrees <- sort(degree(g), decreasing=TRUE)              # 
   # Get the vertices in degree-sorted order.
   sortedVertexIDs <- attr(sortedDegrees, "names", exact=TRUE)    # 
   # Set the "bucket" attribute of every (sorted) vertex in g to the 
corresponding (replicated) value in the bv. 
   i <- 1
   for (vid in sortedVertexIDs) {
      g <- set.vertex.attribute(g, "bucket", vid, bv[i])
      i <- i + 1
   # Return the entire graph.


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