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Re: [igraph] igraph memory error

From: Gábor Csárdi
Subject: Re: [igraph] igraph memory error
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 10:18:59 -0500


to store the shortest paths matrix for the whole graph, you would need 23295 * 23295 * 8 bytes of memory, which is more than 4 Gb. You cannot allocate a memory chunk of that size on 32 bit machines. On 64 bit machines it is theoretically possible, but not in R, because R has some (smaller than 4Gb) limits for the size of a vector.

You can calculate the shortest paths from a couple of vertices only, the ones you really need. Or do all vertices in parallel, on multiple cores/machines if you really need all of them, and then store them on disk.


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