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Re: [igraph] rewire till assortivity.degree reaches certain value.

From: suvirbhargav
Subject: Re: [igraph] rewire till assortivity.degree reaches certain value.
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 00:15:45 +0200


I'm doing this.original assortivity is -0.08167785
for (i in 1:100) {
   jg <- rewire(jg, mode = c("loops"), 10000) 
with top ten values in loop as :

[1] 0.03132712
[1] -0.0562163
[1] -0.00841146
[1] -0.01359139
[1] -0.03106399
[1] -0.005318964
[1] -0.01219977
[1] 0.009112685
[1] 0.01743665
[1] -0.02284311

With both positive and negative values.
How to i make it to move in one direction(either towards more positive or 
more negative) of values?
i don't know what is the relation between iterations here with 
Thanks & Regards

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 11:16 PM, Tamás Nepusz <address@hidden> wrote:
> i want to do degree preserving rewire till degree correlation(assortivity.degree) reaches certain value.
> Should i keep doing this in a loop,chehcking everytime assortivity.degree value or is there any better way?
Just use a loop -- I am not aware of any better way, at least not in igraph. I would probably also perform rewire() with a high number of iterations between consecutive checks of assortativity.degree, because rewiring is quite an expensive operation with igraph's current data structures. Based on the difference between the _current_ value of assortativity.degree and the desired one, you can also "guesstimate" the number of iterations to make things faster.

> Also,is there any IRC channel for igraph?
No, there isn't.


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