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[igraph] using igraph parallelly

From: ????????????
Subject: [igraph] using igraph parallelly
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 08:19:02 +0800

Hi everyone,

I want to calculate the betweenness of each node for a network with 13498 nodes and 101565 edges.

by simply call betweenness(nodes,directed=False), it takes about 32 seconds on my 8-core computer. That seems good.

However, I just considering use full of my CPU to accelerate it. So I use PPL, which is a parallel library for C++ in VS2012, and I made following code:

igraph_vector_t test;
igraph_vector_init(&test, 0);
parallel_for(0,vcount-1,[&g,&test](igraph_integer_t i){
clock_t t1=clock();
clock_t t2=clock();

BUT! It is very slow! It takes about 2 minutes to calculate betweenesses of 7 nodes in parallel!

It is faster if I use:

parallel_for(0,vcount-1,10000,[&g,&test](igraph_integer_t i){
clock_t t1=clock();
clock_t t2=clock();

It takes about 1 minute...

So why is it?

In my opinion, if we put many nodes into a same thread, they can share the information of visited paths by other nodes. Am I right?

Has anybody tried parallel computing of igraph?


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