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[igraph] igraph python write_dot fails to write

From: Ananya Muddukrishna
Subject: [igraph] igraph python write_dot fails to write
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 11:55:45 +0200
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The write_dot function in the code below produces an empty file. However, the write_graphml function outputs a proper graphml file.

Am I using write_dot correctly?

In [1]: import igraph as ig

In [2]: karate = ig.Graph.Read_Pajek('karate.net')

In [3]: ig.summary(karate)
IGRAPH U--- 34 78 --

In [4]: karate.write_dot('karate.dot')

In [5]: karate.write_graphml('karate.graphml')

I am trying out the example in http://hal.elte.hu/~nepusz/development/igraph/tutorial/tutorial.html under section "Saving plots".

I am using igraph python version 0.6-1

Best regards,

Ananya Muddukrishna
Ph.D. student
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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