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[igraph] NA results from maximum PageRank vertex names

From: İbrahim Mutlay
Subject: [igraph] NA results from maximum PageRank vertex names
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 19:47:28 +0300


In order to find the vertices with maximum PageRank value in unipartite projection, say g[[1]], of a bipartite graph, I'm running following script:

V(g[[1]])$pagerank <- page.rank(g[[1]])$vector
vertex_max_pagerank <- V(g[[1]])[pagerank == max( page.rank(g[[1]])$vector )]$name

However, I am getting most of the sometimes NAs as result of the that script while only a few run are giving meaningful vertex names. Moreover, if I try to run the script repeatedly for a same input (i.e. a specific incidence matrix), in each run I am getting randomly NAs or a meaningful vertex name result. I couldn't figure out the missing point, would you suggest anything for that discrepancy? 

İbrahim Mutlay

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