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[igraph] Can't get same results from newer layout.fruchterman.reingold

From: HIGUCHI Koichi
Subject: [igraph] Can't get same results from newer layout.fruchterman.reingold
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 15:32:21 +0900


I am using igraph R package and moving from igraph 0.5.5 to 0.6.5.

But I found that I can’t get the same result from
layout.fruchterman.reingold function of 0.6.5 even if I specified the
same network object and the same starting positions. The output
layouts are different between 0.5.5 and 0.6.5.

Is there any way to reproduce the same result as 0.5.5 using 0.6.5??

Here is my test code:

igraph 0.5.5 result:

igraph 0.6.5 result:

New layout is not bad at all, but I would like to have the same
results when I input the same data.

Thank you! And sorry for my poor English.

BTW, I am developing a content analysis (text data mining) software
using the igraph package. Igraph package is really useful and nice
software! Thank you very much for the effort!

Koichi, Higuchi

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