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[igraph] question about random graph

From: Qunawei Zhang
Subject: [igraph] question about random graph
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 17:34:57 -0400
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I am tying to use the following two function to generate some random network. I have a question about the ids of the newly generated network.

For "igraph_rewire()", the vertex id will not change, right? For example, if the first four nodes have degrees as follows: de[0]=10, de[1]=15, de[2]=30, de[3]=20 in the original network, then for all of the randomly generated networks by this function, their first four nodes always have degrees as de[0]=10, de[1]=15, de[2]=30, de[3]=20. Right?

For "igraph_degree_sequence_game()", given a degree sequence 10, 20, 30, 15, 25,…(I.e., the values saved in out_deg), the degree of the nodes in the generated graph will always be de[0]=10, de[1]=20, de[2]=30, de[3]=15,de[4]=25,…Right?
That is, the "out_deg" sequence, determine the degree of nodes from 0 to n (n is the number of the nodes in the network), right? 
(1) igraph_rewire(igraph_t *graph, igraph_integer_t n, igraph_rewiring_t mode);
(2) igraph_degree_sequence_game(igraph_t *graph, const igraph_vector_t *out_deg, const igraph_vector_t *in_deg, igraph_degseq_t method);

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