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[igraph] graph.union.by.name

From: bookair
Subject: [igraph] graph.union.by.name
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 13:44:19 +0200

Hi everybody. Did anybody use the patch for graph.union.by.name?
It seems the keep.edge.x.attributes doesn't work when set = TRUE.

My goal is to keep edge weights in the new graph.

This is what I did and what I've got.

final_union_by_name_96<-graph.union.by.name(exp1996, empty_union_by_name_96_06, 

Error in graph.union.by.name(exp1996, empty_union_by_name_96_06, 
keep.x.edge.attributes = TRUE) : 
  unused argument (keep.x.edge.attributes = TRUE)

Thanks a lot,

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