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[igraph] Freeing vector's unused space[C]

From: fdsfdsfs igraph_newb
Subject: [igraph] Freeing vector's unused space[C]
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 04:04:57 +0400

Hello, i'm recently have started to use igraphy and this is really good library.
Alas encounteered problem with unused space of vectors.
Consifer this scenario, i have initialized igraph vector(for edges insertion) 
with 10 elements(igraph_vector_init(&v, 10);)
but actually assigned(VECTOR[n] = ) only three elements,
the thing what will happend when i'll actually execute igraph_insert_edges -- 
that three assigned by me elements
will point to right vertices but other elements will point to vertex 0 which is 
What i'm trying to do is to igraph_vector_resize_min(&v) but it does nothing - 
resul is the same.
Moreover igraph_vector_size(&v) gives me 10 which i'm assuming vector's 
capacity in my case and actuall size of vector should be 3.

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