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[igraph] want to plot degree distribution

From: Swati Sinha
Subject: [igraph] want to plot degree distribution
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 13:18:00 -0700

Hello All

I have a huge connections file in "NCOL" format, which looks like this
a  b  w1
a   c  w2
a  d  w3
b  e  w4
b  f   w5
and so on, where first two columns are the vertices and third column is the edge weight.

I want to look for the degree distribution of this network. I am reading the graph as :
> g<-read.graph("links.txt", format ="ncol")

Will a simple command given below works for it

I tried running the example from the tutorial which is

BUT, this gives the output as NULL.

Any help.


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