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[igraph] Correlation between eigenvector (evcent) and vertex strength (g

From: Hermann Norpois
Subject: [igraph] Correlation between eigenvector (evcent) and vertex strength (graph.strength)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 17:01:00 +0100


maybe I did not understand the concepts of graph.strenght and evcent but my guess was that the resultung vectors should be correlated in some way.
Using graph.strength (g) for an undirected weighted graph I get the strength of each vertex. The eigenvector of the adjacency matrix should reflect (somehow) the strengh of each vertex as well. But it doesnt (see attachment).

Can you please comment on this. Thanks

My example:
evc <- evcent (g)
ev <- evc$vector

ch22.long.deg <- graph.strength (g)

and plotted the results (see attachment).

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