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[igraph] Possible bug on R igraph

From: Wenyu Zhang
Subject: [igraph] Possible bug on R igraph
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 03:51:35 +0000

Dear Mr/Mrs,
    I am writing to report a possible bug for igraph in R platform. It seems 
that igraph cannot well define undirected graph, that means it can not remove 
the redundant links in the network. For example, I try to create a undirected 
graph with the following text:

> Test.txt
A       B
B       A
A       B

My R command codes are:
> library(igraph)
> Data<-read.table("Test.txt")
> Data<-as.matrix(Data)
> g<-graph.edgelist(Data,directed=F)
> degree(g)

The result is as following:
A B 
3 3 

It seems weird. It uses A - B edge for three times in the creation of this 
undirected graph. 
I am not sure whether this is due to my wrong command line or not. 
Look forward to your reply.

Best wishes
Wenyu Zhang

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