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Re: [igraph] Faster way to detect duplicate graphs in a vector ptr?

From: Timothy Rice
Subject: Re: [igraph] Faster way to detect duplicate graphs in a vector ptr?
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 11:29:20 +1100
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Hi Gabor,

Thank you for responding.

> first, all this would be much-much simpler in R or Python, so you might
> consider using a high level language.

The thought crossed my mind but I think coding in C is good for the soul

> Second, you can define a hash function on the graph, and then calculate
> that for each graph. If the hash function is good, then you don't need to
> compare most pairs of graphs, because their hash will be different if they
> are different. If their hash is the same, then you need to compare them.
> This can be done by querying their edge lists, sorting them and then
> comparing them.
> An additional trick would be to sort the graphs according to their hash,
> and then only compare neighboring elements in the list with the same hash.

This seems like something I could do. I haven't implemented hashing before
so it will be a good learning exercise :-)

Thanks for your help!


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