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[igraph] extracting vertex attributes from an family of graphs

From: Bob Pap
Subject: [igraph] extracting vertex attributes from an family of graphs
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 18:31:41 +0200

Dear all,

Unaware of any method for dealing with multigraphs (in my case a family of graphs "g" indexed by time), I handle these by creating a list, indexed by the time period, say "Mygraphs", where Mygraphs[["2014-01-01"]] returns graph g as it was in 2014-01-01.

I face the need to extract a combination of attributes from the series (in the example below the vertex's "id" and "betweeness", ordered by the index of Mygraphs), I do so for example as follows:

function(g,id="identifierXX",attr="betweeness") {
get.vertex.attribute(induced.subgraph(g, which(V(g)$name==id)),attr)

I cannot help to think that the use of induced.subgraph could be obviated by specifying the 2 dimensions (id and attr) at once in the extraction, but I how would I restrict get.vertex.attribute to only return the value for vertex "identifierXX" only?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Bob Pap

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