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[igraph] Help regarding the package igraph

From: Bishwarup Paul
Subject: [igraph] Help regarding the package igraph
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 11:52:22 +0530


I have been trying to use igraph for social network analysis in R. I have previously used UCINET to do the analysis, and now I am trying using R. I am trying to compute the Incloseness and Outcloseness centrality, the indegree and outdegree centralization and density of the network, but there are large differences among the results obtained previously by UCINET and obtained by igraph. Can you provide me information regarding the equations you are using in igraph, and whether they are the same as UCINET? It will be very helpful if you can provide me an example code for computing the above mentioned parameters from an edgelist matrix using igraph in R.

Thanking you,

c/o Dr. Sumana Annagiri
Integrated PhD student
Behaviour & Ecology Lab
Dept. of Biological Sciences

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